#Logistics in the time of COVID

Heangjin Park

Type of Mask: KFDA-Approved KF94 “Yellow Dust” Mask

Type of mask: KFDA-Approved KF94 “Yellow Dust” Mask

I chose this mask because/I learned about this mask from: I did not choose but my family in South Korea did. Being known for filtering 94% of particles, KF94 have been popular before the pandemic, as South Koreans suffered from air pollution, particulates, and yellow dust (as shown in the product name). 

I got this mask from: I got the masks from my family in South Korea, when South Koreans were allowed to send limited numbers of disposable masks to their direct family abroad (as the mask shortage was resolved in South Korea, the restriction is now lifted). At that time, my father was not allowed to send masks for my wife, who is not his “direct” family. But he could send some adult masks to his grandson, as disposable masks for toddlers were not under the restriction.

Heangjin Park, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Chicago