#Logistics in the time of COVID

Jennifer Cole

Type of Mask: N95 (semi disposable)

Type of Mask:  N95 (semi disposable)

I chose this mask because: early on I’d read about the benefits of N95’s, although by the time I cottoned on, they were of course impossible to get. A friend told me where she’d found them, and I followed the trail.

I got this mask from: Canopus.com, a company located in Santa Ana, CA. They get their masks from Foshan Flying Medical Co. in Foshan City, China. The factory ships them out on pallets to Shenzen Airport where they are received by Korean Air Cargo. Korean Airlines uses cargo ordered by Canopus to fill up the empty capacity on their passenger jets. Canopus personally picks-up the air cargo from LAX Airport in Los Angeles with their truck. From there they are inspected, packaged, and shipped out from the warehouse in Santa Ana.

When I think of #Logistics during this pandemic, these three words come to mind: scarcity, workarounds, waste.

Jennifer Cole, Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development