#Logistics in the time of COVID

Jatin Dua

Type of Mask: KN95

Type of Mask:  KN95

I learned about this mask from: A seafarers whatsapp group. I had heard about N95 masks but so had everyone else and they were impossible to find. I’ve been keeping up with seafarers that I met on my last research trip on a container ship through Whatsapp and someone there pointed me to KN95 masks and where to find them.

I got this mask from: an appropriately named website called Bonafide Masks. The masks arrived with multiple certificates of authenticity, including QR codes to verify FDA approval.

When I think of #Logistics during this pandemic, these three words come to mind: stranded-seafarers, Amazon.com, delays.

Jatin Dua, Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Michigan