#Logistics in the time of COVID

Anna-Katia Batoum Bassong

Type of Mask: polyester face mask

Type of Mask: polyester face mask

I chose this mask because: of its simplicity. I can comfortably wear it in public spaces for long periods of time.

I got this mask from: my mother, a preschool teacher who received loads of donated packages of masks from her elementary school.

My least favorite feature of this mask is: the material. Although nylon is comfortable and decently breathable, it isn’t the best material for skin. However, my favorite feature of the mask is that it is entirely black and bland. (I’m very tall and attract enough attention as is.)

I feel exposed without my mask; I’ve forgotten what life outdoors is like without it.

My most memorable encounter without my mask is: attempting to surprise my roommates with pastries one morning, only to discover I’d managed to walk a full mile away to our local shop and forget my mask in my dorm.

My mask enables me to: travel to public places and attempt to maintain a routine similar to my pre-covid lifestyle.

When I think of #Logistics during this pandemic, these three words come to mind: delay, remote, risk. 

Anna-Katia Batoum Bassong, Undergraduate student the University of Chicago